PBWCA or Polandball Wikia's Choice Awards is a four-months event in the Polandball Wikia Community. It was porposed and started by MoshAbsolute , a rollback of the English Polandball Wikia. Different kinds of users from different Polandball Wikia's usually are the nominated users.

PBWCA Coordinators and History

Italian Mysterious Contributor was the first to propose the event but then it was rejected by the Polandball Wikia's Admin. After the "Prejudice" of 2015, Everything went calm and a little peaceful and later on the event was re-proposed by MoshAbsolute and he started founding and created it with the help of Bresbeba. Later on, Devonball joined the PBWCA Crew.

The PBWCA Crew

  • MoshAbsolute- Founder of the PBWCA, incharge of all artwork and Voting. Was a Co Host of PBWCA 2016 #1.
  • Bresbeba- Incharge of making the rewards, the Main Host and helped Founding the event.
  • Devonball- Incharge of Protection and Co Hosting the Event, also helped founding.


Categories are "titles" given to user/s whenever they are highly nominated.

  • Favorite Profile Picture- For the most appreciatedProfile Picture owned by a certain User.
  • Favorite Comic Plotter- For the most appreciated comic maker that makes grins are makes sense.
  • Favorite Comic Artist- For the most appreciated comic maker or image maker that has good art styles and artworks.
  • Favorite User Flag- For the most appreciated Fictional Flag of a user or its personal user flag.
  • Favorite Chatter- For the most appreciated user that actively enters the chatroom.
  • Favorite Profile Page- For the most appreciated user having the neat or extraordinary user page.
  • Favorite Blogger- For the most appreciated user that makes blogposts.
  • Favorite Forum Starter- For the most appreciated user that makes good Threads on Fora.
  • Favorite Man of Ideas- For the most appreciated user that gives ideas to help make the wikia better. First used in 2016 #1 but will be removed due to certain reasons.
  • Favorite Outdoor Specialist- For the most appreciated user that's active in other websites or wikias.
  • (new) Favorite User Tandem- For the user pair that helps or has a relation with another user.

Awards and Voting


Awards are given to the nominee who wins a title.

  • Diploma of the Winners. Diplomas given to the favorite nominee/s.
  • PBWCA Userbox. Userboxes that is posted in a winning nominee's User page to simply show they were part of history.
  • The Golden Kurwa Trophy. The trophy for PBWCA changed every event and appears on PBWCA User page.


Voting happens at or

PBWCA Militia

It is the "army" that appears at the coronation day. Its main objective is block or ban alts, unwanted users or other negative entities. It was proposed by Devonball and started founding it.

Known PBWCA events.

Polandball Wikia's Choice Awards 2016

Polandball Wikia's Choice Awards 2016 The Second

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